Ampol Hall has closed it's doors permanently! We have been having our regular meeting there for many years and it's been a great location, but we're going to have to wander around for a while asking "Where the FaGowEE?"
Rest assured that Chief Don and his board are searching for a new meeting place. We're looking for something on the west side of town that will hold at least 100 people. If you have any ideas, contact Don at
Upcoming events...

Winter is coming! — FAGOWEES PARTY TIME!

Wanna Race?

  • 1/6/18-1/7/18
    Racing - Holiday Valley
  • 1/20/18-1/21/18
    Racing - Swain I
  • 1/27/18-1/28/18
    Racing - Snow Trails
  • 2/4/18
    Racing - Boston Mills
  • 2/10/18
    Racing - Kissing Bridge
  • 2/11/18
    Racing - Holiday Valley
  • 2/24/18-2/25/18
    Racing - Swain II
  • 3/3/18-3/4/18
    Racing - Bristol

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