Well, temperatures are hitting 90’s so thoughts turn naturally to SKIING!! Our Winter Social Chair has 2 Questions: #1 – Did you (our membership) buy an EPIC or IKON Season pass or none. & Question #2 – if you are planning to go west, would you prefer a HOTEL room or CONDO.

Send your replies to: wintersocial@fagowees.org

We’ve been around for over 50 years, guess we can skip 1 anniversary party so we’ll just have to double the party next May and have a biversary  (is that a real word?) whatever! we’ll double the party next May!!

O K – We decided on our 2021 West Bash – Telluride for the week of January 23 – 30.
Mike P & Yvonne D will be chairing this trip. Details will be forthcoming.

and there’s still golf on Wednesdays, on the August 12th – Seneca; August 19th – Sleepy Hollow; August 26th – Big Met

Golfing is still ongoing! See the calendar for locations – we started swinging May 20th! Again because of the late start times, ya got to know how to golf!  See the Quickie section below for the schedule.

The Skull & Goggles ride, Mondays! Because conditions vary, Bob post upcoming rides on the Skull & Goggles Facebook – check there.

Tour de Kelley . . . Yep, our annual bike/bar or bar/bike crawl (ur choice) Sunday August 16

Stay Healthy!

About Us

FAGOWEES stands for Fun and Games on Week Ends Especially Skiing, and is pronounced Fuh-Gow-eez. We’re a 21 and over club that does a lot!

We organize events and trips throughout the year. If you’re a competitive skier or boarder of any skill level, we participate in the Cleveland Metro Ski Council (CMSC). This is an organization that provides an organized racing schedule where we compete against several other Cleveland Ski Clubs over the course of the winter skiing season. The races are held at several resorts in Ohio and New York.

We need racers! If you’ve ever raced NASTAR, give us a try. You’ll be part of team as well as competing for yourself.

If recreational skiing is more your speed, all FaGowees members are welcome at all events, racing or not. We even go out west at least once a season! Even people who don’t like the cold find the FaGowees a great club. We have social events of many kinds all year long. From winery trips and tailgate parties to boating and camping, you’ll find things you love to do with a great bunch of people! We meet twice a month just south of Cleveland in Parma, from I-480 (State Rd exit south) or from I-77 (Pleasant Valley Rd exit west).

We meet at the VFW Post 1974, 4305 Woodrow Ave, Parma (between State Rd & W 54th), 44134

Give us a call for more information at: 530-FAG-OWEE (324-6933).



We meet the first and third Tuesday of every month from October through May. Just the third Tuesday of the month from June through September. In the summer months we also have an informal gathering “meeting” on the first Tuesday of the month at a local watering hole. Check the Happening for details.

Meeting begins at 8pm (doors open at 7pm) and are $6 for members and $8 for non-members. There’s a raffle and trip information. Drinks and Snacks too!

Quicky Events List
MONDAYS: SKULL & GOGGLES Ride – Check their Facebook page for locations


12 August Seneca
19 August Sleepy Hollow
26 August Big Met
AGAIN –> Contact Erik so he can make arrangements


16th – KELLEY’S Island Pub Crawl !


BUT you can still see fellow Fagowees live !

Download zoom at https://zoom.us/download it’s free and allows free video conferencing for 40 minutes – just enough time for a beer or glass of wine. Meeting times are published on our Fagowees MeetUp site.

AND for you euchre players – Yes Virginia, there is virtual Euchre.  Again on our MeetUp site you’ll see info about games & times.


First, download “Euchre 3D” to your phone or electronic device.
Then, wait for a friend (joined here) to send you a link to the game. They will text you the link.
OR get on the app and join a game.
Click on multiplayer, then click play casual game, then choose card wrangler (advanced). It’s the least used area. Spaces 1 and 3 are partners, Spaces 2 and 4 are partners.
Then, call one of the players then connect more callers. Place your phone on speaker so that all 4 of you can hear each other.

This is a lot of fun!!! Say YES to this, then we will keep posting when we want to play (the dates will keep being added via the comment section)

Constitution, Code of Conduct, By-laws

View Our Constitution, Code of Conduct & By-laws

Upcoming Events

Sun 16
Wed 19


August 19 @ 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Year-Round Activities

We have numerous activities through out the year divided into three major categories: Winter, Summer, and Social. Click on an area of interest to find out more. We are always open to new ideas! Join us!

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